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We love being a part of your special day....

At Maquina, we love photographing weddings and being part of your special day.  We understand that each wedding is different and unique to you, from the location to the characters, the decoration, the details, the colours, the lighting and the style.  Months of careful preparation coming together in a beautiful celebration, we capture it all.

Contemporary Wedding photographer in Sheffield
Contemporary Wedding photographer in Sheffield
Our Photography

We're passionate about creative and inspiring photography and love meeting couples, sharing ideas and listening carefully to what you want, let us know what you're after and we'll bend over backwards to do it.  

We start by going through your wedding itinerary, then carefully plan how to document and capture the memories, the laughter, the smiles and all the tiny details that are so important to your day. 

Our photographic style is natural and discreet, we follow your day as it unfolds, recording the excitement, the fleeting moments, the heirloom shots (if you want them - its your choice, we'll make sure its short and sweet if you do), the kiss, the speeches.

Have a look at our gallery - a selection of lovely images from the beautiful weddings we've had the pleasure to photograph.

You have enough to plan with your wedding, so we keep our pricing very clear and simple, starting at £650 for the slim package, and £950 for the more robust one, with bolt on're in control.   Call me on 07881 345 197 for more information. 

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